Products Buying

Aiyara Planet Co., Ltd provides a number of channels to order for the members as follows;

Business partner of Aiyara can order the product(s) at head office or service counter throughout the country with following process;

01. Fill name-surname and member code in order form
02. Select the item in order form (Make qualification/Retain status/Open or fill Aistock)
03. Select the product(s) that prefer to order, select quantity and amount
04. You can pay by cash, credit card which specified your name as owner, the company has to deny credit card payment if the payer is not the owner of such credit card in any case
05. Once payment done, you have to recheck whether such receipt contain buyer name, product(s) and amount correctly. If any mistake found, please contact the staffs to edit and then bring the receipt to get the product at discharge counter
06. You have to keep the receipt as evidence in case of contacting to the company later
07. You should verify your point value (PV) that receive from the order on website
08. Member service counter open daily from 09.30 – 19.00 hrs.

The members can order the product through purchase form (FR.002) and attach pay slip via fax and email of company from 09.30-19.00 hrs. daily. You have to call to confirm your order with staff once order any product(s).

Tel. 02-937-4300 ext. 104  Mobile 09-0408-5993
Fax. 02-937-4330

-Online is service available only for the registered member. If you are not registered, please contact our company, businessman or apply online (see how to fill the online application form in Aiyara Businessman Manual)

-If you enter to member system in website since online application, you can skip to the next item immediately. If not, you have to access to member system on and look for “log in to member system” then fill member code and password

-Select “Order Product” from the menu in member system and select the product, quantity until complete your requirement

-Click “Go to Payment” to access to online payment