What is SESAMIN?

SESAMIN is the Lignans that mostly found in black sesame. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prachya Kongtaweelert, Director of Excellent Center of Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University can extract the pure Sesamin and found that Sesamin has various properties and be beneficial for the health. Therefore it is built on and produced as concentrated formula for well health care.

Business Partner

(Thai) Team Active คืออะไร?

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ACTIVE STATUS is the maintaining of status by shopping at least 500 PVin any month by calculating from all income. This is counted from the date that the status maintained.


(Thai) พีวี คืออะไร

Sorry, this entry is only available in Thai.

What is AISTOCK?

AISTOCKis the stock unit that Aiyara business partner can open (1 code/ 1 unit) and can hold the point which not reported on the system. This point will be reported in the next time.

What is AISMART?

AISMART is the real time intelligent system of Aiyara Planet that enhances Aiyara business partner works all 24 hours on anywhere around the world.