Product Standards

With the aspiration of Aiyara Planet

“Aim to offer the value to society” Aiyara mainly concern to consumer’s safety, so we aim to select the qualified natural product and has been researched on biomolecular by a team of Aiyara scientists strictly about safety and use advance manufacturing process and then become “outstanding product and forward to the consumer with pride”

– Scientific Verification
– 100% of consumer safety
– High quality, be effective
– 100% satisfaction guaranteed
– Concern to environmental care

AIhealth products for the health, the outcome of the nature which combined with innovation to serve the deep health care that nowhere done before

AILADA products for the beauty, the world never stop, we also never stop to develop. We believe in the value from the nature that brings to beauty care infinitely.

AIbody products for the personal hygiene that offer the good thing with the higher level of care that selected from the nature

AIhouse products for the take care of your home.